Island -Owned & Independent

Island-owned. Owner Krista Campbell is the ONLY audiologist on PEI who fully owns her practice.

Independent.  Is your hearing instrument chosen before you walk in the door?

Campbell Hearing is neither part of a retail chain, nor do we have any commitments to our suppliers.  We are truly independent and able to carry & service products from every major hearing aid manufacturer in Canada.

Hearing healthcare is our priority.

As a full service hearing clinic, we not only treat hearing loss, but we also work hard to help prevent hearing loss in the first place.  We emphasize a pro-active approach to hearing healthcare, and offer a variety of audiological services for Islanders ages 4 & up.

In addition to hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, batteries and other hearing aid accessories, we offer tinnitus counseling, earwax removal services, assistive listening devices, and a full range of hearing and ear protection options.  When it comes to protecting your hearing, the best hearing protection is the one that you will wear.  We carry a variety of instant-fit and custom hearing protection options for workers, musicians, motorcyclists, and other groups with noisy jobs or activities (e.g. did you know there are custom earplugs for folks who sleep beside a snorer?!).

A different approach to hearing instruments.

Whether someone is trying hearing instruments for the first time, or has been wearing them for decades; we place a strong emphasis on helping our patients learn how they can get the most from their hearing instruments.  We ensure that our patients understand their hearing loss and what hearing instruments can (and cannot) do.  We keep in touch with regular checkups, and ensure that our patients feel welcome to come to us with any concerns or questions.